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About Me

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I'm a freelance digital designer ready to work for you.
Whether it's logos, websites, posters or animations, my work will help your product stand out, look professional, and attract more customers.

  • First Name: Kelsey
  • Last Name: Doherty
  • Experience: Over 15 years
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Connecticut, USA
  • Email: Kelsey.a.doherty (at gmail.com)
  • Spoken Langages: English
  • Contact: Email Preferred
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Web Designer - Freelance
2005 - 2018

I've built websites for many small business, churches, internet companies, and local events. Please see my portfolio for examples. I would love to work with you.

Animator - Freelance and Professional
2005 - 2018

Full length webtoons, explainer videos, commercials, logo animations and more. Animation always catches the eye and helps your product stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Designer - Freelance and Professional
2005 - 2018

I have worked on hundreds of graphic design projects over the years. Logos, Banners, Posters, T-shirts, video graphics, presentations and more. I would love to make professional images for your company and product.

Masters Degree - Quinnipiac University
2005 - 2006

Master of Science in Interactive Communication.

Bachelor Degree - Fitchburg University
2000 - 2004

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and Video Production.

Independant Training - Various Online Schools
2006 - 2018

I'm always learning and staying on top of the latest technology and design trends!

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get in touch

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Connecticut, USA
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If you have a suggestion, project or just want to say hello, please fill out the form below and I will reply you shortly.

Email me at: Kelsey.A.Doherty AT gmail DOT com


Website: Montana Nights

  • Client : Montana Nights Axe Throwing
  • Date : June 2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Muse, Photoshop

Montana Nights Axe Throwing is an exciting new venue in Newington, CT. Patrons can enjoy a cold brew and spend the night throwing axes with friends. The owner wanted a rustic, logging-company feel to the logo and website which lead use axes, logs, saws, and more in the design.


Animation: Disc Golf To Go

  • Client : Thinking Impaired Studios
  • Date : Feb 2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Animate, Premiere

Disc Golf To Go is a popular puzzle game for iOS. The game seeks to recreate the casual fun of disc golf rather than recreating the competitive side of the sport. The logo and the logo reveal needed to communicate this sense of fun so that customers could understand the tone of the game from the moment they watch the video.

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CT Catholic Men's Conference

  • Client : CT Catholic Men's Conference
  • Date : April 2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

The Connecticut Catholic Men's Conference wanted new key art, logo art and poster design to reinvigorate their annual conference and attract more men. I chose to use nature photography and natural hand-written font to evoke a sense of rugged naturalism. The goal was to excite men into believe the conference would get them up out of their seats and out into the world for real adventure.

Animation: Demo Reel

  • Client : Various Clients and Personal Work
  • Date : 2005-Present
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Animate, After Effects

In addition to web design and graphic design I am also a freelance animator. Over the years I have developed a number of different webtoons as personal projects and for clients. I am comfortable in many different styles from kid-friendly cartoons, to animated infographics, and explainer-type videos.


Logo: Red Barn Ministries

  • Client : Red Barn Ministries
  • Date : May 2014
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop

Red Barn Ministries is a Catholic lay-ministry that puts on programs and talk to Catholic youth at churches throughout New England. The Red Barn logo needed to be down to earth and "real" in order to match the ministry's no-nonsense style. It also needed to be red and have a barn. Ha!


Logo: Piece of Cake

  • Client : Piece of Cake Bakery
  • Date : July 2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Julie loin, owner of Piece of Cake, wanted a logo that was playful, soft, and feminine. The final design incorporated all of these elements into the shape of a traditional tiered wedding cake. The marble and watercolor texture adds in a subtle sense of complexity and sophistication.

Logos: Camp Care

  • Client : Camp Care, Inc.
  • Date : 2015-Present
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Camp Care is non-profit with a mission to help children and individuals with special needs reach their highest potential physical and cognitive function while enhancing self-esteem and emotional growth. Twice a year they hold a multi-day camp with a theme. Each camp has a different theme and message. The logos are also T-shirt-ready.

Camp Care Website

Logo: Youth Explosion

  • Client : Diocese of Norwhich
  • Date : 2011-2015
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Aunimate, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Catholic Diocese of Norwich holds a yearly event called Youth Explosion. Hundreds of young people in middle and high school come to the venue to have Mass, hear speakers, and enjoy a concert. Each year has a different theme and each year required the production of a logo, a poster, a t-shirt, and a website.

Website: Columbia CrossFit

  • Client : Columbia CrossFit
  • Date : 2012-2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Aunimate, Photoshop, Wordpress

When starting their new gym, Columbia CrossFit needed a logo, a fully functioning website, and a series of posters and postcards for marketing. Unlike some other gyms, Columbia CrossFit focuses more on overall wellness instead of competition. I worked with the client closely in order to meet their specific needs and communicate the tone of their gym.

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Background Illustration

  • Client : Various
  • Date : 2005-Present
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop, Animate

In addition to design I also offer my services as a background illustrator. Over the years I have created background art for videogames, website backgrounds, children's stories, animations and more.

Animation: Meat & Greet

  • Client : Red Barn Ministries
  • Date : Feb 2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Animate, Premiere

Meat & Greet is a combination faith night and BBQ held twice a here for Catholic and Christian men living in the New England area. The event is put on by the men and women of Red Barn Ministries. Meat & Greet is filled with explosive, unexpected events that emphasize fun and spectacle in order to bring men together and show them that the faith is anythin but boring. The goal of this logo animation was to show the different facets of Meat & Greet: food, explosions, and fath.


Website: TI Studios

  • Client : Thinking Impaired Studios
  • Date : Jan 2017
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Muse, Photoshop

Thinking Impaired Studios is the name of my game development studio. I have released two mobile apps. The first, an RPG map-making tool called Ye Olde Map Maker. The second, a mobile disc golf game called Disc Golf To Go. The website for these apps needed to be simple in order to get customers to the products quickly, but also convey my desired tone of the company: playful, wholesome, and fun.

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